nunumus management company structure


The company is run by an independent Board of Directors which includes experienced business professionals and community representatives. The shares of the company are owned, in trust, on behalf of the community, by Trustees appointed by Chief and Council. The Trustees appoint the Independent Directors. The Board follows strict policies and guidelines for transparency and is accountable to the members through the Trustees.

There is a comprehensive strategic plan focussed on building sustainable business ventures. These businesses focus on the natural wealth of the Nuxalk people and their lands to create benefits to the Nation and its members. The day to day operations of the group of enterprises are run by the Chief Executive Officer, Keith Hamilton. He is supported by several staff who are Nuxalkmc and focus on things such as communications, accounting, administration, and business management.

Who We are:

Keith Hamilton
President | CEO

Keith has been with Nunumus since 2016, though he's worked with First Nation partnerships in western & northern Canada since the early 1990's.

Maureen Leys
Accounting Coordinator

Maureen keeps track of everything incoming & outgoing. She's a powerhouse.

Chris Nelson

Chris was crucial in developing our indigenous tourism & he handles variety of special projects. Chris is also a natural at introducing folks to Nuxalkmc culture & history.

Our History

Nunumus Management began as Nuxalk Development Corporation & opened for business on April 15, 2011. In the early days NDC was managed by its three Directors, Chief Andrew Andy, Councillor Sam Schooner and Archie Pootlass. NDC's Company Trustees, appointed by Nuxalk Nation Chief and Council, were: Sam Moody (appointed Feb 2014), Violet Clellamin (appointed Oct 2014), & Evangeline Hanuse (appointed Oct 2014). The Trustees main role is to appoint & oversee directors for the company. NDC's Directors since April 2015 are: Jim Bennett, CA; Spencer Siwallace, RPF; Nancy More; Garnett Andrews; and Sharon Dawson. 

In April 2016, NDC hired Keith Hamilton to replace CEO Randy Hart. Currently NDC has three full-time staff: the CEO, Maureen Leys, Accounting Coordinator & Chris Nelson, Culturist & Special Projects Coordinator. More..