Totem Sawmill

Nunumus Management produces world-class forest products from locally sourced western red cedar and coastal douglas fir timber, and milled by Totem Sawmill Limited Partnership in Bella Coola, on the Central Coast of British Columbia.

Totem Sawmill is a small but mighty mill in a community invested in its’ success. The Sawmill boasts key operational and logistical advantages, key market access, an open-air working environment, and immense potential to build on its’ success as a regional employer and as a supplier of wood products for local home building and construction.

Because we have been able to go logging this year, Totem has begun to obtain logs from our own operations. When we can use our own logging company to provide feedstock directly to the mill, we can see the best example of value added to our forestry operations.

We cut down our logs using as many as possible of our own Nuxalk fallers and logging workers, and then mill the wood using our own millers and equipment. This then provides lumber to be used by Nuxalk carpenters for building projects to supply our Nuxalk community needs.

Please contact our office if we can provide any lumber needs.



Saloompt Rd, Hagensborg, BC

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